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The Bindu Sarovar has its special sanctity and glory due to it being the Tapobhumi of Shri Kapil Dev – an incarnation of God and founder of Samkhya philosophy. It was on the banks of the Bindu Sarovar that Kapil Dev preached the essence of attaining Moksha to his mother. Bhagwan Swaminarayan had also sanctified the Bindu Sarovar.

  • (1) Manas Sarovar (Tibet)
  • (2) Pushkar Sarovar (Rajasthan)
  • (3) Bindu Sarovar (Gujarat)
  • (4) Narayan Sarovar (Kutch, Gujarat)
  • (5) Pampa Sarovar (Karnataka)

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Shraddh Pooja

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Shraddh Karma

(1) Matrugaya Shraddh Pooja (2) Tirth Shraddh Pooja (3) Narayna Bali Shraddh Pooja

Shanti Karma

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Shanti Karma

(1) Mangal Dosh Shanti (2) Nadi Dosh Shanti (3) Kalsarp Shanti


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40+ Years Experience in Astrology

Any Kind of help (1) Making Hand Made Kundli (2) Matching Kundli (3) Counselling

Hotel and Transpotation

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Hotel And Transport

(1) Nirma Atiti Bhuvan (2) Swaminarayan Gurukul (3) Siddharth Hotel


Tirath bhumipavan Siddhakshetra subhasar,
Nirmal nir vahe Sarasvati sada mokshko dwar
"A Tirtha, a place to make holy, is the good Siddha Kshetra, Where flows Sarasvati's pure stream — ever beatitude's door. A city three worlds to purify, by Siddhs ever worshipped, Gods, Rishis, and men cherish the desire to live there. And there dwell devas unnumbered, as a tirtha regarding it, — Of Kasi, Gaya, Godavari, and all other tirthas, the best ; Where Kardam and Dehuti lived, and Kapila was born. Here is Bindusarovar's pure fount, and Matrugaya; Applied to the bodies of men degraded and fallen, it washes their myriads of sins. Here is Prachi Mahadev, whose renown by Veda and Purana is sung: Of all Tirthas, the essence — it is named Kapilashram."

Matrugaya Pooja

This tirth is considered the mother of his sradhdh siddhapur. The Donations to debt issue is the mother of 16 mass. The city of Tirth is the mother of the last sradhdh and Gaya father is in sradhdh.
It is in the mother’s sradhdh siddhapur city. Mahamuni kapiladeve to preach to his mother’s life from coaching in devahuti to sankhyajnana. It is possible to create from the mother sradhdh. It is the duty of every son that his deceased mother’s spirit from his mother to the peace of sradhdh. To Bolt is receiving an exemption from the mother.
Siddhapur city in sradhdhvidhi bindusarovar are at. Kanyayana Muni is saying” Saraswati River and the coast of Lake bindu sradhdh mother of the Mother of salvation.”
Sradhdh built over the word faith. Sradhdh the glory revealed, always a parent s faith is always from the spirit forever. There are two types of sradhyavidhi, direct and indirect. These are Real rituals of Brahmins as the direct parent of sitting to sradhdh.

History Of Purohit

The Audichaya Brahman have a wide distribution but their main concentration is in Ahmedabad, Patan, Mehsana, Kheda, Bharuch, Surendranagar, SabarKantha, and Panchemahal districts. According to historical records, they were brought to Gujarat by Mulraj Solanki the ruler of Anhilpur Patan between 960 and 955 A.D. ‘Audich’ in Sanskrit means north. So the Brahmins invited by Mulraj from Northern India come to be known as ‘Audichya Brahmans’, They are also called ‘Audichaya Sahastra’.

Palace of sidhpur

The first king of chalukya era Mulraj Solanki killed his meternal related uncle Samantsinah and came in power of Patan.The king of Patan was shocked.To get read from this bed did he started to build this Shivalay at Siddhpur.Whatever may be the History but he could not complete it.This work was completed by SIDDHARAJ JAYSINH is Vikram at 1202 centure. It was a glorious monument.In Vikram 1043 Mulraj Solanki gave big charity for this monument.There is a reference on Tamrapatra what a glorious monument was RUDRAMAHALAY Was ! It was stand on 1600 PILLARS. 18000 IDOLS were seated on. RUDRAMAHALAY was splendid by 30,000 GOLODEN POT and 1700 FLAGS.56 LACS HORSES and ELEPENTS were hanging.There were 7100 rest houser Siddhraj expended 1400 MILLION GOLD MOHOR for this glorious monument.It shined beatifully in sunlight. Today it is destroyed.