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The five most holy and ancient lakes of India renowned for their sacredness are: (1) Manas Sarovar (Tibet) (2) Pushkar Sarovar (Rajasthan) (3) Bindu Sarovar (Gujarat) (4) Narayan Sarovar (Kutch, Gujarat) (5) Pampa Sarovar (Karnataka). The Bindu Sarovar has its special sanctity and glory due to it being the Tapobhumi of Shri Kapil Dev - an incarnation of God and founder of Samkhya philosophy. It was on the banks of the Bindu Sarovar that Kapil Dev preached the essence of attaining Moksha to his mother. Bhagwan Swaminarayan had also sanctified the Bindu Sarovar.

About City Siddhpur

Sidhpur is also known as Sri-sthal or a "pious place". It is mentioned in the Rig Veda to be existing at that time as the Dashu village. The legend is that the great sage Vyashya had donated his bones to God Indra here at Sidhpur. Sidhpur is also believed to be located at the junction of two rivers Ganges and Saraswati. Even in the Mahabharata, the great Indian epic, it is mentioned that the Pandavas had visited the place while they were in exile. During the 4-5th A.D a large number of people settled in this part. They were Gurjara people from Iran. Ancient Sristhal was haitant of sages Kandarma Rushi, and all Seven Saptarshi, Vashistha,Gautam, Jamdgni,Bharadwaj,Kashyap,Vishvamitra,Atri married daughters of Kandarm and Devhuti. read more about siddhpur



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